The program that I have laid out and designed from my 36 years of experience is a complete comprehensive A to Z process on How to Start, Own, Manage and Grow a Commercial Janitorial Contract Cleaning Service business. Once you reach your initial goal of starting and actually opening your cleaning business this program will continue to guide and direct you.The Value and uniqueness of my Program unlike any others is your ability to communicate with me for one full year after you purchase the Program.

As an expert and experienced professional in the Commercial Cleaning Industry I will operate as an External Consultant to you FOR ONE YEAR.This program offers you access to deeper levels of expertise that would most likely be financially unaffordable to you for without purchasing my program. The program gives you access to my guidance.

After 1 year you can still consult with me, if needed, on an hourly basis.

There are 4 Sections that make up my Program and they are:

SECTION ONE: Instructional Program

The Instructional Program consists of 27 Chapters (336 pages) that I have written in the exact order of which I recommend you complete them in the process of opening your commercial cleaning business. I have laid out the entire Program from the very first Section you need to complete to the very last Section you need to complete. The Program is a process that will lead you to the end goal of initially opening your cleaning business then through the managing and growing your business.

Each Section is very specific to a Topic that you need to understand and complete at your own pace. Individuals with more time and financial funds available can complete the Program sooner than an individual with limited time and financial funds.

At the end of each Section there are 3 very important items to guide you.

  1. Tasks Completion List – each section has a list of items that you should complete before you move on to the next Section. It’s very basically your To-Do List for that Section. Sections vary as to to the amount of task you need to get completed. Other Sections are more educational for you to learn and understand.
  2. Financial Estimates – Each Section may come with items on your To-Do List that will have a cost associated with them to complete. There are options as to completing some task yourself or paying others to complete. You can make that decision based on your own capabilities and resources. Some Sections are only educational and come with fewer cost.
  3. Section Review – There is a review at the end of each Section that highlights the most important aspects that you need to understand. If there are items you don’t understand I highly recommend not moving forward until you do.

Now please remember while you are completing each Section if there is anything you don’t understand you can consult with Janitorial Consulting. I will make myself available to communicate with you directly on the phone or through email.

SECTION TWO: Educational and Training Materials

I have included additional Educational and Training Materials with my Program that will be beneficial to you understanding the Commercial Cleaning Industry.

  1. Janitorial Consulting – License to Clean, Training Manual for Custodial / Janitorial Services
  2. Cleaning Times and Tasks – Standard Baselines and Janitorial Workloads

SECTION THREE: Proprietary Website

Once you have purchased my Program you will receive your own private password that will allow you to login to our  Program web site. Entry to the web site now gives you resources you will need to assist you in starting the process of opening your own Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Services business. You also now have the ability to communicate with my staff and myself.

  • Consulting Scheduler
  • Estimating and Bidding Program
  • Bidding and Proposal Templetes
  • Industry Forms
  • Training Sources
  • Educational Links
  • Commercial Janitorial Contract Cleaning Publications
  • Associated Organizations

SECTION FOUR: Consulting

CONSULTING with my staff and myself is your lifeline. Once you purchase my program you are not just left alone out there by yourself. You have one year of consulting with me to assist you in starting your own Commercial Janitorial Contract Cleaning Service business.