The janitorial industry is full of opportunities and in 2020 is forecasted to earn over 62.3 billion dollars with an anticipated 10% growth by 2026.

The commercial janitorial contract cleaning service industry is in very high demand and provides basic services that are needed by your customers. The most beneficial aspect of this industry is the repeat or reoccurring services the customer needs. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annual or annually services are very common.

The commercial janitorial contract-cleaning sector consists of any type of commercial business. It is a very exciting market because when you drive down the street almost everywhere you look are businesses and potential customers. They need your services and want your services. Most potential customers are business owners or companies that do not want to do their own cleaning.

In this industry there are small, medium, large and very large customers that all need your services.

Listed below are the different types of businesses (potential customers) that make up your target market.

> Small / Medium Offices

Consist of a very large group of different types of businesses that are all potential customers. Examples are as follows: doctor offices, dentist offices, medical offices, physical therapy offices, lawyers office, real estate offices, banks, savings and loan offices, mortgage offices, accounting offices, management offices, trade offices (electrical, plumbing, heating, et.), insurance offices, post offices, church’s, funeral parlors, contractors offices.

Your customers for Small / Medium offices are mostly independent small business owners. This is any person who is a small business owner and needs an office or shop to work from to provide their service.

This sector of the market is the starting point for most commercial cleaning companies. You will gain valuable experience and knowledge servicing these accounts. Also small / medium accounts can be very profitable if serviced by yourself.

> Larger Buildings

Consist of all types of businesses operating in buildings of all sizes from small to very large. Examples are as follows: law practices, insurance companies, accounting firms, medical buildings, defense contractors, corporate offices for any type of business.

Buildings are a great resource of revenue to the commercial janitorial cleaning contractor. There are single tenant buildings and multi -tenant buildings. A single tenant building consists of an entire building occupied by only one company. A multi-tenant building is a building occupied by a group of different businesses that share the building.

Your customers for Buildings are usually “Property Management Companies” who have been hired by the owners of the buildings to manage the building. Property Management Companies are responsible for all aspects including the janitorial services for the tenants.

Other customers of buildings are buildings that are independently owned or leased by owners of businesses to operate their company from.

> Local Governments, State, City, County and Towns

Consist of any type of government or municipality that is paid for by public taxes. These are buildings or offices that are used by employees that work for any public jurisdiction or government. This is a very large market. 

Your customer is the Purchasing Department for each jurisdiction. The commercial janitorial services provided to these types of buildings or offices are all public information and most always all put out for public bid as required by law. The winning bid is usually the most responsive lowest bid.

> Retail Stores

Consist of any type of retail stores that usually sell products to the public. Examples are as follows: supermarkets, department stores, telephone stores, pharmacies, clothing stores, home improvement stores, furniture stores, auto car dealerships, convenient stores, video stores.

Your customer for Retail Stores is owners or managers of the stores and is usually located in strip shopping centers.

> Industrial / Manufacturing

Consist of industrial and manufacturing warehouse and production facility areas. Examples are as follows: defense contractors, auto manufacturers, food processors, distribution centers, fabrication plants, and warehouses.

Your customer for Industrial/ Manufacturing is the Facility Manager for the company.

> Restaurants

Consist of any restaurants that sell to the public and must maintain a clean atmosphere. Examples are as follows: fast food chains, local restaurants, fine dinning, sub shops, carry outs, bars, pubs and lounges.

Your customer for a Restaurant is the business owner or restaurant manager.

> Malls / Strip Shopping Centers

Consist of any indoors or outdoor retail area that sell to the public. Examples consist of: malls, strip-shopping centers, and entertainment areas, box stores.

Your customer is the Property Management Company or on site manager.

> Condominiums / Apartments

Consist of any privately owned condominiums and rental apartments where people reside. Examples consist of: garden condominiums or apartments, High-rise condominiums or apartments, town-homes, vacation rentals.

Your customer is the Property Management Company or on site manager

> Condominiums / Apartments

Consist of any privately owned condominiums and rental apartments where people reside. Examples consist of: garden condominiums or apartments, High-rise condominiums or apartments, town-homes, vacation rentals.

Your customer is the Property Management Company or on site manager

> Affair Venues

This is any type of facility that host ant type of party, weddings, birthday or anniversaries. Examples consist of gathering rooms, fire halls and caterers facilities.

Your customer is the event planner, caterer or facility owner.

> Home Offices

Small home businesses that operate from their home will prefer a residential service company to provide their services. Example consists of: Insurance agents, real estate agents, sales representatives, web page designers, and electricians.

Your customers are homeowners that work from home.

The cleaning services that you provide to your customers are your areas of expertise as a cleaning service contractor. The “ SERVICES” that you provide to your customers are the services/products that they need on a regular basis in order to operate their own business successfully and they are willing to pay you for these services.

Commercial Janitorial Contract Cleaning companies provide the following services:

> Basic Janitorial Cleaning Services

Vacuuming, Dusting, Trash Removal, Recycling Removal, Window Cleaning, Floor Sweeping, Floor Mopping, Furniture Polishing, Restroom Cleaning, Sanitizing and Disinfecting

> Specialty Janitorial Cleaning Services / Interior

Carpet Hot Water Extraction, Carpet Shampooing, Carpet Dry Cleaning, Upholstery Cleaning, Floor Stripping, Sealing and Waxing, Floor Buffing and Burnishing, Vent Cleaning, Light Fixture Cleaning, Blind Cleaning, Window Cleaning, High Dusting, Chrome and Metal Polishing.

> Specialty Janitorial Cleaning Services / Exterior

Parking Lot Cleaning, Parking Lot Sweeping, Power Pressure Washing (concrete, siding, brick), Window Cleaning, Trash Removal, Exterior Cleaning

The program provides you with complete step-by-step instructional materials and training advice on all areas of commercial cleaning services that you will need to learn.

All of these services are skills that you can develop and learn. The services you provide do not require a college education or a technical school. They can be mastered with practice and basic instruction.

I have been extremely successful in the Commercial Janitorial Contract Cleaning Services business and I have worked from the ground up in this industry for the past 36 years. I still live and breathe this industry each and every day. I have extensive knowledge of all aspects of starting, owning, operating and growing a commercial janitorial cleaning business. I have seen and encountered almost every possible situation good or bad you could imagine in this business.

Also, this is not just a program or manual that you purchase and are left on your own. This is a very unique interactive program in which you can communicate with my staff or me all of your questions or concerns. We are here to guide and help you. We will be your partners in order to give you the best chance of success. The program also offers you continual web-based applications for you to use to start, maintain and grow your business.


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