Janitorial Consulting is engaged in the business of giving expert advice to individuals working in the Commercial Janitorial Cleaning Industry. I myself have 36 years of hands on experience growing my own janitorial service business. I have managed hundreds of employees and have successfully provided janitorial to services to millions of square feet of commercial office space. I have sold over 100 million dollars of cleaning contracts from small to large.

As an expert and experienced professional in the Commercial Cleaning Industry I will operate as an External Consultant to you and your company. My consulting services offers you access to deeper levels of expertise that would most likely not be available to you. Janitorial Consulting gives you access to expert guidance.

There are ups and downs in owing, managing and growing a commercial janitorial cleaning business but to your benefit, I have already been through most of them. I can help you minimize you risks and mistakes. As a business owner sometimes, you feel like you are alone to make all the decisions. As a business owner sometimes, you need advice just to get from point #A to point #B, but don’t know how to get there. Let me help you solve problems and achieve results.

You will run into roadblocks along the way. Your inability to solve your problem on your own is no reason not to move forward. If you want to achieve your goals quicker or solve a problem faster, want a proven system, map or advice from someone who’s done it I would enjoy helping you

Who Should Purchase (Options)?

I designed Janitorial Consulting Service for both:

>Motivated individuals who want to be their own boss and start a commercial janitorial cleaning business from scratch

>Motivated individuals who already own a commercial janitorial cleaning business and just need advice, guidance and direction to grow their business.

I offer my services to men and women owners of commercial janitorial businesses who are ready to commit the time, money and effort needed to own a successful cleaning business and achieve the American Dream of being your own boss.