About Me and My Program

I feel that it’s important to let you know a little about myself. Along with loving what I do, I also have a passion for Self-Employment and helping others try to achieve the American Dream.

I also enjoy spending time with my family; including 10 grandchildren, working out at the gym and just hanging out with my friends. All because I have been blessed with good health and the success of my commercial janitorial services business.

Honestly, weather you choose the cleaning industry as a business or select another type of business I highly encourage you to give self-employment a chance.  The American dream is not only about money but also about the “LIFE STYLE” it can provide for you and your family.

I chose to open a commercial cleaning business for 3 very important reasons:

  1. The low cash investment that is needed to get started.
  2. The flexible hours of which I could choose to work.
  3. The fact that “Sweat Equity” can go a long way in starting your cleaning business.

It’s extremely important when you initially start your commercial janitorial cleaning service business that you make good decisions from the beginning so your company has a strong foundation in which to grow. My program will guide you through the process saving you time and money by helping control your mistakes and risks.

As I was growing my company I was lucky enough to receive advice from many individuals including other cleaning business owners who believe it or not where my competitors.  I can honestly say that without their willingness to talk, befriend and mentor me that my cleaning business would of most likely of not succeeded.

There are ups and downs in starting your business but, to your benefit, I have already been through most of them. The experience and information that I am offering you puts you way ahead of the learning curve.

That’s why if you choose to purchase my program and expertise to start, own, operate and grow a commercial janitorial cleaning business you are starting out with all of my knowledge and advice in the industry. You are not just purchasing a program that you are left alone to complete. Just the fact that you can talk, communicate and consult with my staff or myself is a valuable asset that most business owners don’t have access too.

If you choose to purchase my program I cannot guarantee your success because that’s ultimately going to be up to you. But I will commit to you all my resources and knowledge as an Industry Expert Consultant, that I have to offer in my program.

I have priced my program on How to Start, Own and Operate a Commercial Janitorial Contract Cleaning Service business as to only attract serious individuals that are ready to commit to my program.

My cleaning business has allowed my family and I to live the American Dream.

What are you waiting for?