Although most scopes will go far beyond basic cleaning services it is important that you and your team know, understand, and master them before taking on larger and more in-depth scopes. For starters lets define what the cleaning industry labels as our basic services. In no order basic cleaning services include vacuuming, dusting, sweeping, mopping, trash removal, office cleaning, restroom services, and kitchen cleaning. Although these may sound like simple tasks, they are pivotal to master.

As any good craftsman will tell you its important to master the basics before moving on to harder projects, the cleaning professional is no different. Now that we have defined what a basic service is let us talk about their proper order. When entering an office space, you should always think “High to Low” meaning you should always clean high areas first working your way down to lower areas. You should dust high areas first, then move onto wiping down medium height ledges, desks, and counters. This is also a good time to remove trash.

After removing trash and cleaning these areas all high dirt, dust, and crumbs should fall to the floor allowing for easy pick up via a broom or vacuum. After hard floors are swept and / or vacuumed its time to mop. Always be sure to mop with your back towards your exit point, thus allowing from easy exit without walking over your freshly mopped floor. Training your team in these basic skills will allow you to enter any project with the confidence that your team is capable of at the very least effectively cleaning a scope.

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