Once you have entered the janitorial business you will quickly learn that most of your money will be made at night. This is largely do to the fact that many cleaning shifts start when businesses close for the night. Most janitorial scopes will dictate that your team begins their shift after 5:00pm depending on the size of the job this could leave your team onsite past midnight. This is a double edge sword as it is a positive for your crew to work late hours as they can clean uninterrupted.

However, for you this means that most problems that will require your attention will occur late at night. This may be hard to adjust too it is important that you do so as you need to be attentive for your team. As a manager and owner, you should plan to be on the road most nights to act as a quick response unit should one of your teams run into a problem. It is also important to realize that most special jobs will also be completed at night.

Depending on your scope of work floor scrubbing and waxing is generally a job that can be completed overnight. This is beneficial as it will allow your team to work freely without interruption. Over all night work may not be for everyone but it is an aspect of the janitorial business that you can use to your advantage.

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