Opening a commercial janitorial cleaning company is just like opening any other service business. If its not built on a solid foundation, it will collapse and fail. To start, manage and operate your own cleaning business, you need to have the right mindset. You need to be motivated, dedicated and driven. Don’t fool yourself, these are not feelings you can create or manufacture overnight. You either have them or you don’t. It’s a drive that burns inside of you and if you have it you will know it.

There are some individuals like myself who are born entrepreneurs, they have self-employment in their hearts from a very young age.  They structure their careers around themselves and hold their future in their hands by taking charge and responsibility for their own dreams and goals.  Their passion to be a successful business owner and be your own boss becomes a way of life.

For some others, it can take years, or even decades to acquire the motivation and drive required to be your own boss. Sometimes its only after years of working for others that you become unsatisfied, bored or even depressed over your future. You start to question why you are putting in so much time, hard work and effort for someone else. You reach a certain stage in your life when you want more for yourself and your family.

Being your own boss and owning your own cleaning business means you are in complete control of all the decisions affecting your business. You have the freedom to make decisions that will affect the present and future of your company. These decisions also effect you and your family on a personal level. It will give you a great feeling of satisfaction to know that you are now investing all your energy, time and money into your own business.