Learning and understanding how to estimate and bid on commercial cleaning janitorial service contracts takes time even years. Your understanding of your bidding process is crucial to your company’s success. The support given by our “Bidding Program” and consulting will help guide you through your learning curve with step by step instructions. Also, there are very standard service charges and pricing used to calculate a bid to be competitive.

First you need to understand some fundamental processes of bidding commercial contracts. It takes a trained eye when walking through a potential customers facility and reviewing their contract specifications to price efficiently. Only after years and years of experience in the industry bidding cleaning contracts does it become second nature.

There are many factors that must be considered in putting together a commercial cleaning bid. These factors can impact your bid by increasing the price or decreasing the price. Bid a contract to low and you lose money. Price a contract to high and you don’t win the bid.

Bidding is a very important part of growing your company and increasing your sales. Without properly bid sales you have no business. Many cleaning companies that are working very hard servicing customers will go out of business each and every year because they are not making a profit (Bad Bidding).

Each bidder or company competing for a job will have different ways in which they calculate their bid. Most likely no two companies will have the same exact formulas or methods to calculate their price.

There is only one way to calculate a bid and that is a “bid that is perfect for your company”.