Financial growth is a major reason most people start their own business. They want the chance to reap the rewards of their own hard work and be success. They want to prosper and make money. Live the American Dream. No guarantees it’s a risk, but at least you have a chance at your own future. Better to have tried and lost than never tried at all.

In contrast, the average person takes a job with a public or private company, receiving an agreed upon salary or an hourly wage.

As an employee increasing the amount of compensation that you get paid year-to-year is very hard. For instance, in 2020 only a 1.5% pay increase was proposed for federal employees. The average employee working for someone else is lucky to even get an annual cost of living raise. Most workers sit around year after-year with few pay increases.

But when you are self-employed this all changes. The phrase, ““You now have skin in the game,” becomes a reality for you. The saying means that you now have invested your own money, time, effort and resources to try to become a successful commercial cleaning business owner. It’s a huge game changer. Unlike working for someone else who takes all the financial risk, you now have your own money on the line. You will either win or lose.

The main reason most people never start their own business is because they are scared to commit time and their own funds. But for a true business owner, it’s what motivates and drives them. This is what you need to succeed. You are scared, but you’re also very excited. This is your wake-up call that hits you hard. You now have a vested interest in your future.

Although financial growth is most likely the number one reason people become self-employed, lifestyle is a close second. When you work for yourself, it becomes a way of life. Every day you are focused on your business. Even your family and friends are absorbed into your lifestyle. Do you think it’s a coincidence that the children of business owners often follow in their footsteps when they grow up? No, it’s not, because it’s the only way of life the kids know.

Opening a commercial cleaning business requires that you invest a lot of your time. You may put in countless more hours working than the average wage earner, but you are now a business owner. You also have the flexibility to schedule your time as you see fit. You no longer have a nine to five workday and a regular paycheck.

This new lifestyle if successful allows for a type of independence and flexibility that can lead you to an improved quality of life.