The commercial janitorial industry is in very high demand and also has a very lucrative earning potential. Just think about it. When you drive down the street of almost any city or town, practically everywhere you look you can find potential customers. That’s because almost any type of business enterprise needs your service. Most of your possible customers are business owners or companies that don’t want to do their own cleaning. They have neither the expertise, desire or the time to clean their own facilities.

The most beneficial aspect of the industry is the repeat or reoccurring services the customer needs. Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, bi-annually or annually services are very common. The janitorial industry is full of opportunities and in 2020 is forecasted to earn over 62.3 billion dollars with an anticipated 10% growth by 2026.

Another benefit of the janitorial cleaning industry is that it is one of the most recession proof businesses you could be in.  Janitorial services are essential which makes your cleaning company and your employees essential too. A struggling business will lay off their own employees first before they would cancel their cleaning contract.

A clean working environment has always been very important to your customers but since the COVID-19 virus the emphasis on cleaning has intensified. The wellbeing of their employees and customers is a priority to any successful business. Its proven that a clean and healthy working environment also helps raise employee productivity.

The janitorial industry is made up of small, medium and large cleaning companies. That’s what is so attractive about starting a cleaning business. Most large cleaning companies started out first as a very small cleaning company. Deciding whether to grow your business is your decision. A small cleaning company providing quality services has great earning potential and personnel freedom.