At face value a Day Porter, also referred to as a Porter, is an onsite janitorial professional responsible for maintaining a commercial site during business hours. Porters are generally tasked with maintaining restrooms, kitchens, lobbies, and high traffic areas throughout the day.

Aside from these duties Porters can also be used to complete special cleaning projects such as a secure area, or act as a quick response unit should a spill or leak occur. However, the work and importance of a Porter goes much further than this. With most large-scale commercial properties requesting day porter services, janitorial companies are given a unique chance to deploy one of their most vital assets. If correctly implemented a day porter provides janitorial businesses with a multifunctional ambassador.

Porters not only serve a practical use to your business and your customer, but they also act as a public relations tool. Hiring the right Porter for each specific customer who requires one is incredibly important. Its key to remember that this employee will be in daily contact with your customer and while onsite is the face of your business. Day Porters also will allow your business to get an inside look at how your customer works as they generally become a part of the inner workings of your customers business.

As the need for Porter service grows, and the hiring of Porters increases, it is important to remember these employees are capable of making or breaking a contract.

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