In today’s cleaning industry training is often something that is overlooked. Although most companies train employees upon hiring them it is vital to your success to ensure employees are trained and retrained frequently. Upon hiring an employee, they should always be trained on the chemicals and equipment that they will be using, they also must be trained on proper procedures, and the job site. But this is not enough.

As turn over in your staff occurs and scopes expand it is important to bring each of your teams in for retraining. In doing this you help ensure that your team remains cohesive while also ensuring that your team remains safe. Training is also a good time to refresh employee’s memory in terms of proper procedures. Most cleaning teams will encounter harsh chemicals and its important to remind them of this. Further if your company chooses to use green cleaning techniques training is pivotal as these techniques change frequently.

Training sessions are also a good time to assess your team’s growth and determine how effective they are as a team. Management can further use these sessions as a chance to bring everyone together for some team building. Ultimately training is a multifaceted tool that should be used to make certain your teams remain safe, knowledgeable, and effective.

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